HOw did I get here? 

                     Brooklyn Dicent              The Conscious Comedian              Stage Performance Coach

                   Brooklyn Dicent

          The Conscious Comedian

         Stage Performance Coach


I LOVE entertaining from the stage! It's my passion. It's when I feel the most alive. I learned early on that a lot of people fear getting on stage. Yet the survival of our business depends on speaking on stage or on camera to help people solve problems.

For years I resisted teaching speaking skills because the market is saturated with "speaking coaches". I don't want to be like everyone else. I wanted to stand out from the crowd. As I continued my journey into performing comedy I slowly discovered the best way to learn to shine on stage was thru comedy! 

Learning to speak on stage will change your life and your career. Speaking will enable you to make more money, have more influence, and change the course of your destiny. I know because that's what's happened in my life. 

People continuously ask  how I put all this together! I simply followed my intuition which is something I teach in my trainings. Thru the magic of improv and stand up comedy  I discovered my voice and  personal leadership. 

I've been a comedian since 2004, produced my own sold out shows. Along my entertainment career I've been working in Learning & Development and HR for 10 years. I know what a combo right? Well I wanted more in my life. I wanted a career that really made sense for me. A way for me to use my gifts of comedy, intuition, and teaching. I've been training people to own the stage both in the US and internationally. You have a message. You have a purpose. Now it's time to unleash your inner rock star on stage!! Through your message you will help change people's lives! 

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