Crush IT- Corporate 2 Day Training


Crush IT- Corporate 2 Day Training

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It's time to experience the power of improv and stand up comedy will have on you speaking ability. In this immersive, interactive, and insanely fun day you will learn how to be engaging, entertaining, and fun on stage. People are tired of the same old boring meetings. There's a reason why meetings are dubbed "death by powerpoint". 

When people are laughing they are also learning. This innovative public speaking training will expand your creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to a new level. You will be able to use what you learn in this class both on and off the stage. 

Students report immediate application of the skills. It is possible to master public speaking once and for all! This workshop is comprehensive, complex, and full of "heady" stuff...but  NOT once do we use a power point! 

What's even more fun is that you will likely take a notes, yet realize you don't need them as you will have learned by doing! 

What you will learn:

Developing a Confident and Fearless Mentality

  • How to be charismatic and "watchable" from the platform

  • The 6 mentalities that great improvisers adopt

  • How to put aside the fear of failure

  • Delivering Content with Style and Energy

  • Why being yourself is the most important thing you can do (and how to do it!)

  • The one thing that’s more important than any “platform technique”

  • A simple way to make sure you take command of the stage

  • How to add emotion and passion to your speech

  • How to connect with your audience through real eye contact

  • A simple way to practice vocal variety – without worrying about what you are saying - so that the audience stays hooked on your speech

And much much more!!