8 Week Private Stand UP Comedy 101


8 Week Private Stand UP Comedy 101


Introducing 8-week private stand up comedy course. If you want to learn stand up to perform or just to get better at public speaking you will love working with me! Plus since these are private sessions you will get one on one attention and feedback! 

As a working comedian and performer I understand what it takes to get on stage and entertain an audience. I've been trained by 4 Hollywood legendary comedy coaches and now I can share all my knowledge with you! 

In 8 weeks you will learn how to: 

  • Write jokes

  • Structure a set 

  • Develop original material 

  • Perform authentically on stage 

  • Reduce performance anxiety 

  • Market your comedy skills 

  • and..the business of comedy entertainment 

You will also get my coaching and feedback on your shows, open mics, and insight into how to market your comedy skills. OR how to incorporate stand up comedy skills into your presentations. 


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