Your Signature Talk Coaching Program

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Your Signature Talk Coaching Program

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Finally you will have a signature talk in as little as 6 weeks!! Crush IT On Stage speaking program is designed to move you from idea to full signature speech in 6 weeks. Why do you need a signature talk? As a conscious entrepreneur, someone dedicated to helping others through coaching and personal development you MUST speak. Speaking is the fastest way to grow your business. Through speaking you are perceived as an expert in your field. Speaking enables you to become a thought leader people turn to and respect. Your signature talk will properly reveal to your audience why YOU are the solutions they need to solve their problem. 

This revolutionary coaching program is no joke! It's designed to walk you through the steps to find YOUR unique voice. Even if there are other people in your market, with a similar message, it does not matter. In fact, you can speak at the same event with a similar message and stand out as if you were the ONLY speaker in your topic. How? Because most people have not invested in truly discovering their true heart story; their signature talk! 

6 Week Program Outline: Each session is 90 mins to 2 hours. 

  1. Discover the WHY of your business to determine the angle for your topic and ID your tribe 
  2. Cull out your unique expertise and experiences, connecting with emotion and your tribes NEED
  3. Structuring your signature talk using the Crush IT framework 
  4.  Determine the best stories  that will engage and connect with your audience
  5. Outlining audience engagement techniques 
  6. Aligning your signature talk with your offer 

In between the sessions you will have fun assignments that will fast forward your learning. You will also learn stage performance strategies throughout Preparing you for Crush IT level 2 Stage Performance and Presence.