Signature Talk  





Public Speaking Workshop 

The purpose of the signature talk is to attract YOUR ideal clients! In this workshop you will learn exactly how to craft an offer that will entice your future clients to enroll with YOU! 

Your expertise is needed in the world! It's time people heard your message. Once they hear it they will WANT to do business with you. I give you the exact formula for crafting a message that rocks! 

I will coach you step by step to create and offer that your audience can't resist! 



I hear'd would love more clients but freak out at the thought of speaking in public!

Not to fear, your public speaking coach is here!

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears for 75% of the population! It's also the #1 way to improve your life, our business, and your career! I've taken countless of courses and although I learned valuable information it was typically boring and uninspiring 

Then a few years ago I took an improv comedy class and I had a flash of brilliance!! I realized I could finally teach people to overcome stage fright, become more confident, and bring their whole selves to the stage! As a result I created Crush IT On Stage! I teach public speaking through improv and stand up comedy!

Why Improv? 

Improv skills will change your life! Improv is a set of principles and a mindset. A mindset that gets you think spontaneously and creatively. It helps you to open up your mind in ways you can't even see coming. I found improv to be the single best tool for addressing any fear of public speaking, deal with speaking anxiety, and even stage fright. 

Overcoming fear of speaking requires us to occupy left brain with games so that it allows you to speak authentically. There are 3 powerful ways that improv will help you as a public speaker: 

  1. Through specific improv games for speakers you will be able to get out of your head and into a state of play.
  2. The insights that emerge will serve you to create fun, fast, and original content.
  3. You will find your authentic voice, style, and point of view.



Stand UP Comedy  


You've been told YOU ARE FUNNY!! You should be a comedian. You have your own sense of humor. Whatever the case may be you have been wanting to check out what stand up comedy is all about!

I totally get it! Stand up comedy is CRAZY ADDICTIVE! It's best therapy on the planet. Although it's NOT therapy. However, it's great to share your life's challenges and your point of view with the world. 

My approach to stand up training is a bit different in that I strongly believe in incorporating improv comedy techniques to help you open up your creativity, perform without anxiety and learn to really listen to the audience. 

Stand Up Comedy Workshops Run for 8 Weeks and culminate in a Showcase Show

Private coaching connect with me for more details as I will create a customized experience

Comedy Training For Teams

Imagine coming to work happy because you are ready to make a difference! Imagine if work felt new every day v. monotonous? Comedy training (check my other site ) at work is the BEST investment for developing teams. 

I can customize the experience from a few hours to multi-day events 

Comedy training is great for: 

  • Team Building 
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Public Speaking 
  • Communication skills 
  • Sales & Customer Service Training