More Than Public Speaking Course

I see you. You’re a creative conscious entrepreneur with a strong personality. You have overcome great obstacles! Now you want to share all that you've learned to help other people have an awesome life! Or perhaps you are a corporate professional looking to bust free from the shackles of a 9-5 to pursuit your dream of being a coach. Either way I TOTALLY GET YOU!

I'm I right? or I'm I right?

 here's the problem


  • You need clients to buy your service and products. But don't know how to reach them..or have tried everything but nothing is working
  • You want to tell the world about what you do, but are terrified of getting on stage or on camera to share your message 
  • You  have a heart-centered mission but no idea how to position yourself as a true expert 
  • You heard that speaking is a good way to attract client but not sure how to get started
  • You have tried to cobble together thoughts and ideas but you need more (next level type thing) are tired of doing it alone. 

I can help you

  • Craft a signature story that will ROCK. People will enroll in your programs. You will have SCREAMING fans! The kind that will take selfies with you at your live events! 

  •  Completely  remove obstacles, inhibitions, and open up to FULLY EXPRESS YOURSELF- COOL HUH?  

  • Completely remove interference, unblock/unlock courage- Yes it's possible!

  • How to tap into your intuition to get clear on YOUR message- Like it's about dang time and you know it!

  • Stage performance tools to get rid of stage fright to ROCK THE STAGE and  broadcast YOUR message

Results:you will get

  • Have POWERFUL and  UNSTOPPABLE Signature Message that will get you MORE CLIENTS
  • A seriously kick ass version of yourself  and ROCK ANY stage! 
  • Get rid of fear and/or hesitation to speak YOUR truth ALWAYS!