Public Speaking Coaching

Whole body Expression 

The story


Learning to master your voice, the stage, audience engagement, and expressing your true personality takes courage AND great coaching! That is what I am here to do! 

I've been training and coaching professionals from around the globe how to express their truest selves on stage, online, and on camera! 

Whatever your speaking goals are, I know I can help you truly express your best self! 

Ever notice you talk with your hands? When we talk we use our WHOLE body! Often times clients will tell me "I don't know what to do with my hands" I say, use them! Use your hands, arms, legs, face, eyes, voice...


Your message is powerful! Your message is vibrant and alive! Your body is an instrument to express your message fully. I teach you how to express yourself on stage fully and feel great about it! You will feel great because your audience will respond with love and admiration...and buy your product or service! 

I promise you. EXPRESSION is better than chocolate! 





I will teach you how to create a powerful signature talk AND how to perform on stage or on camera to deliver like rock star! 

I've paid thousands of dollars on "speech coaching" and frankly it took me NOWHERE. I was not any closer to my signature talk and I was frustrated and disillusioned. In the midst of my despair  I attended a personal development seminar. The speaker asked the audience to share what they wanted to create in their lives. A woman from Canada named Tania stood up and said "I want to be a public speaker" 

My heart jumped. I immediately pulled out my wallet to give her a business card! I refrained for a moment to see where this intervention was going. Tania got up on stage and started telling her story. The speaker coached her a bit about her vision for the future. In an instant we ALL saw and felt her future become a reality. She was a public speaker. 

As I meditated over what I had seen and heard I found the missing link to my program: To help people discover their heart story. The story that will catapult them to fulfilling their dream of speaking.  

But it's not just about speaking you want to share your story in order to transform lives.

Got it! I can help.  

people, like you and me, all want the same thing: To be heard. 

So here's the deal, you need clients. You need people to enroll in your life changing programs and master minds. Totally get it! I did too. The best and holistic way to attract clients without being all "salesy" is through honest, authentic, heartfelt storytelling (That's what speaking is...or at least should be)

What will you talk about?

Their problem and YOUR journey to solve the same problem. It's that simple. Well sorta...

That's where I come in! 


LEvel 1 The talk

So we start at the beginning. Your story. Your hero's journey. How you went from zero to hero. There are so many great stories with twists and turns. But this is NOT just storytelling. 

The purpose of the signature talk is to inspire and motivate your audience to take action and pick YOU! 

We start with Level 1: Crafting Your Signature Talk (Your heart story)

6 Week Program Outline: Each session is 90 mins to 2 hours. 

  1. Discover the WHY of your business to determine the angle for your topic and ID your tribe 
  2. Cull out your unique expertise and experiences, connecting with emotion and your tribes NEED
  3. Structuring your signature talk using the Crush IT framework 
  4.  Determine the best stories  that will engage and connect with your audience
  5. Outlining audience engagement techniques 
  6. Aligning your signature talk with your offer 

In between the sessions you will have fun assignments that will fast forward your learning. You will also learn stage performance strategies throughout Preparing you for Crush IT level 2 Stage Performance and Presence. 


Level 2 the show

Ok cool now you have your talk now what? Where do you go present? Level 2 is about learning how to shine on stage and crush it! On stage, on camera, in teleseminars, on TV everywhere! 

In Level 2 you will learn performance techniques from improv and stand up comedy. This is SO EFFING COOL! 

We will pick a date for your show! That's right, your show! You are a performer and as such you will be performing in front of an audience.  Here's what we cover: 

  1. The various types of "shows" live, webinars, tele-seminars, retreats etc. 
  2. Dealing with nerves/ Performance techniques 
  3. Speaking with emotion 
  4. Connecting to the audience 
  5. Being present 
  6. Making the offer and running the hell out of the room (just kidding!)