you need to Own the Stage

Your career depends on you owning the stage! If you are an Entrepreneur you are a speaker! You have a message to share with the world.  This public speaking course will help you become clear about the message of your mission. 

Here's some cool benefits when you rock the stage: 

  • Your ideal clients instantly will fall in love with your offerings 
  • You will be able to reach more people with your authentic message
  • You will be contagiously fun and engaging and people do business with people they like
  • You will be a sought after expert in your field 
  • You will be gain instant credibility with your potential clients 

Improv to IMprove Your Public Speaking Skills 

This public speaking course is designed to help you get really good at public speaking. It's fun, energetic, and playful experience.  You will learn how to use the tools of improv and stand up comedy to become a better public speaker. 

Why Improv? 

Improv skills will change your life! Improv is a set of principles but it's more of a mindset. A mindset that gets you think spontaneously and creatively. It helps you to open up you mind in ways you can't even see coming. I found improv to be the single best tool for addressing any fear of public speaking, deal with speaking anxiety, and even stage freight. 

Overcoming fear of speaking requires us to occupy left brain with games so that it allows you do speak authentically. There are 3 powerful ways that improv will help you as a public speaker: 

  1. Through specific improv games for speakers you will be able to get out of your head and into a state of play.
  2. The insights that emerge will serve you to create fun, fast, and original content.
  3. You will find your authentic voice, style, and point of view. 

The Workshop 

The fun starts with a 3 hour introduction or you can speed up and do the 2 day immersion. You will learn how to:

  1. Develop a fearless and confidence mindset
  2. Develop content easily and make it fun 
  3. Access your improvisational tools you were born with
  4. Become great at telling stories in the moment 
  5. How to be entertaining and engaging 
  6. And lots more! The key is this training is fun and fulfilling. See you there!